And who's behind artS by Sylwia Smoron?

Nice to meet you! My name is - as you can imagine - Sylwia Smoron.


I have always been fascinated by captivating aesthetics, stylish designs and exclusive interiors. I love colours, shapes and structures above all .... I want to create paintings and artworks that emphasise the individuality of my clients. If my customers so desire, I also include their rooms in my artworks.


At the age of 3, I fled from Poland together with my parents. First I graduated from high school and later studied economics in St. Gallen. Several long stays abroad in New York, London, Wroclaw (PL), Australia and Thailand followed. Over a decade in the financial industry shaped my career. The creative arts have accompanied me since my early years. My first apartment had my own artwork and this met with much interest from visitors.

My eye for spaces and my passion for unique images prompted me to make my skills accessible to a wider audience. This resulted in "artS by Sylwia Smoron". Abstract pictures, in harmony with the interior design and my customers, lead to a unique symbiosis in individual works. Each of my paintings is an individual artwork and surprises every day, because I love to play with different materials and the light to inspire my customers.


I am a mother of two and live with my partner in Dietlikon, where I also have my studio.



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