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A warm welcome - great to have you here!
On this site, you will find information about the work of Sylwia Smoron, a visual artist from Switzerland. Her calling is abstract art and photography. Moreover, her vocation lies in a special form of art commissions - a creative process where she designs and creates individual artworks for private collectors and corporate clients. Below, you will find detailed information about her passion, her body of work and how to get in touch.


A client's individuality and vision. Sylwia's creativity and artistic style.

A commissioned artwork is an opportunity to have a unique, one of a kind piece of art. In a symbiotical collaboration Sylwia is transforming client ideas and needs onto the canvas using her creative eye, her techniques and her own style. The result is an individual painting that creates a strong visual effect and carries a very personal message.

If you are interested, please just get in touch. Or you can read some testimonials from clients.





Vibrant textures, strong contrasts and heterogeneity characterize Sylwia's work. Her deliberate decision not to limit herself and her techniques to just one art form brings out a wide variety of abstract art. Yet, she developed a personal artistic style using modelling pastes and compelling colors to build layers, texture and contrast into each of her works. She implements not only colors and artistic styles into her creative strategy, but also the format and number of canvases she uses for an artwork.

This portfolio is an insight into Sylwia’s collection of single artworks, polyptychs (set of paintings) and special projects.


In the course of Sylwia's creative career she has discovered another passion of hers - photography.

This portfolio of images gives an impression of how she works and what her creative eye sees in everyday life.

If you would like to use an image for private or commercial use, just write an email. Or you can book an individual photo shooting.  Sylwia has experience in fine art, portrait, architectural and product photography. Always taken with an artsy eye ...

If you are interested, just get in touch.





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Sylwia Smoron is an abstract artist, living and working in Dietlikon, a small town near Zurich. Her special artistic skill is a creative process of designing and creating artworks for private and corporate collectors - a symbiosis of individual client needs and her own creativity. She holds diplomas in art, design and photography and has exhibited her work in various national and international art fairs and shows.



artS by Sylwia Smoron
CH-8600 Dübendorf

+41 76 261 60 00

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