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Sylwia’s work shows a wide variety of creative skills. Every art piece has its own creative strategy which is based on aesthetic, formalistic and emotional elements. The use of modelling paste, compelling colors and special paints allows her to build layers, texture and contrast into each of her works. 

“There is something fascinating about the way modelling pastes and special colors - like metallic, interference or gloss paints - reflect off a canvas from different angles. This adds new dimensions not only to the artwork itself, but also to the room in which the piece is hung."

In addition, Sylwia also uses both size and shape of a canvas to enhance the composition of the overall work. A single large canvas can transport such a composition strategy as well as polyptychs (set of paintings) or special formats like a slim long canvas. 

Below you get an insight into Sylwia’s portfolio of single artworks, polyptychs and special projects.

PS: Some of the artworks are available so you can just write an email if you would like to purchase one or
commission an individual piece based on a painting you like.

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