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Powerful artworks give rooms that certain indefinable something, that je ne sais quoi. They create a visual effect and brighten up the overall impression of a location. Sylwia believes that every room needs a piece of art that fits in perfectly and is in harmony with the interior design concept. To find such a match can sometimes be an odyssey. And this is where Sylwia wants to help.


In a symbiotical collaboration Sylwia combines client ideas and their vision with her own creativity and her style. It is an intensive process of creative exchange of ideas, consultation of the client and bringing in own thoughts that help Sylwia to capture the needs and to find that unique inspiration. This creative process enables her to transform all those elements and ideas onto the canvas. The result is a unique painting, individually designed and created for a client or a collector.


A meaningful and exclusive artwork - the creative unification of client needs and Sylwia’s artistic skills. It is her love for formalistic elements that she combines with emotionalism. Every piece has its own story - the story about color, texture, contrast, harmony, elegance, symmetry and about the interaction of the medium used and its dynamics.

“My inspiration is drawn from a creative exchange with a client or a collector. I ask a lot of different questions. I listen. I try to feel a person. And this helps me to capture those thoughts, ideas and feelings and to visualize them in a creative way. Painting is about emotions and I want to bring them onto the canvas. But most important, I want the viewer to feel it and be moved by my work."


≡ Contact Sylwia, schedule a visit of the location (CH) or send images of the room (worldwide).

≡ Inspirational exchange and consultation by Sylwia, either in person or via video calls (iterative process up to the desired result).

≡ Upon request Sylwia makes digital sketches of various options (Adobe Fresco/Adobe Sketch).

≡ Creation of the painting by Sylwia, according to the agreement made with the client.

≡ Personal delivery (Zurich area) or insured shipment via Swiss Post (worldwide).

Whether you are a private person, a corporation or an interior designer this is the chance to commission an individual painting - in harmony with the style/corporate identity, the location and the interior design. Unique. Exclusive. 


Commission 002 _ artS by Sylwia Smoron -

"After buying our house, we were searching for a perfect painting for a long time. Because of the small space, which is designed in a very distinctive way, nothing was really suitable. We then heard about 'artS by Sylwia Smoron' and immediately ordered a set of three paintings, which perfectly captures the special nature of the room. After visiting our home, Sylwia drafted various options with sketches and adapted them to our wishes, in a highly professional and very customer-oriented way. She even put our names in Greek into the painting as we love Greece. We are thrilled and can only recommend the services of artS by Sylwia Smoron!"

A. S., Zurich
CEO of a finance company

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